I honestly love this set! The brushes are nice and lightweight so you can use such a light touch to get the finest detail. The dotting tool has such a nice size difference it makes the perfect variation. These are my go to brushes now and I just love love love them!

Janelle Raffles

I am always up for supporting local New Zealand talent, so when I saw Jessie was releasing her own brush line of course I was going to try them out! I definitely was not disappointed.
They fit in the hand nicely, flow beautifully and have a nice weight to them, not too heavy not too light.
I use the striping brush for pretty much all my line designs now!
Thank you for bringing these to the market.

Bethel Coleman

Now I know why this detail brush is nicknamed The Goddess! It is a joy to work with; it's easy to use for fine detail and also filling in space. The clean up brush is nice and firm and has a great angle. Shopnaileditnz I just love your brushes!

Susan Mockford (zuzunailsit)

Super impressed with the @naileditnz brushes! First time using and I'm obsessed, they were actually so legit! The striping brush made for perfect lines while the detail brush worked amazingly for smaller detail jobs! Also the clean up brush is much better than a cotton bud! Highly recommend getting yourself some of these to add to your nail art kit!

Tegan Hill

As soon as I received the brushes I had to have a play! Omg I was in love with the detailer brush which I had to name the goddess! What a breeze to work with! Love the clean up brush as well. I really need to try the long striping brush which has always been a challenge for me! Thank you Jessie for making an awesome brush line which everybody loves ❤ #willsupportalwaysandpromote

Jess Hayward

That [detail] brush is AMAZING. I never thought I'd be able to do that sort of fine detail and the brush is just like, "oh, you want delicate little flower petals? Boom! Done.

Harriet Lockett

Doing tips is so nice with this shopnaileditnz brush, and the cleanup brush is so soft and a joy to use. Definitely glad I purchased these!



The Nailed It NZ tool essentials kit was developed by Jessie Mills, owner/operator of Nailed It NZ. Jessie has been creating nail art and sharing her designs on blog and YouTube channel Nailed It NZ since April 2012. After qualifying as a nail technician in 2014, Jessie became passionate about including educational videos on her channel, as well as nail art tutorials aimed at a variety of skill levels. She now also uploads videos about nail care, debunks common nail myths as well as providing tips, tricks and tutorials for all forms of nail art.

Jessie believes the trick to good nail art is having the right tools and the patience to learn. Together with her free tutorials on YouTube and her nail art brush line, she hopes to empower more people to embrace their creativity and discover how talented they really are.

Born and raised in Palmerston North, Jessie now lives in Auckland with her husband Chris, and their fur-child, Duncan.

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