Natural Nail File - 180/240 Grit

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This 180/240 grit diamond-shaped nail file is designed for use on the natural nail. Recommended for both professional and personal use, it has a reinforced centre to make it longer-lasting and sturdier. All Nailed It NZ files are fully washable and disinfectable, and each order comes with brief instructions on how to clean and store your nail files hygienically.

The 180 grit side is perfect for reducing the length of the nail, and the 240 grit side can be used to finish it off; smoothing and shaping.

It's important to only use files of 180 grit and higher on the natural nail, as lower grits damage the keratin. This leads to peeling, delamination and breakage.

Keep one at work and one at home to ensure your nails are always cared for.



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