Our Story

Founded by Jessie Mills in 2012, Nailed It NZ begun as a nail art blog - a little corner of the internet to share her new-found hobby. Months, then years passed, and her love of nails only deepened (a story familiar to many nail addicts!). As Jessie's interest grew, so did her following, with hundreds of thousands of like-minded people following, liking and subscribing.

Over the last five years Nailed It NZ has shared 300 video tutorials, over 500 blog posts and thousands of social media posts - all accessible to the general public for free. Jessie has helped countless people with their nail problems; directly, through email and via her videos, which currently have 4.7 million views.

Jessie dedicated 2014 to training as a nail technician and learning as much as she could about nail anatomy, enhancements and salon hygiene. She uses this knowledge to better inform herself, and her followers, of myths, old wives tales and general care. To Jessie, trust is an essential aspect of Nailed It NZ, and she wants to be able to truthfully and accurately inform those that follow her journey.

There was always one problem, though - the lack of good tools. Jessie bought most of her brushes in packs of 12 or 15, but found that she never used most of them; they were just there to bulk up the pack. On top of that, most weren't thin enough for nail art, and she had to constantly trim the bristles. Quality and longevity was another big issue, as was accessibility; in New Zealand and many other countries, decent nail art supplies are often only found overseas, with long waits for shipping.

Frustrated and wanting consistent, quality tools for both herself and her followers, she looked into developing her own. In early 2016 the first steps were put in place to developing a Nailed It NZ and brush line, and, after many months of rigorous testing the brushes were released to the public on November 12,  2016. The response has been fantastic, among both professional nail technicians and hobbyists alike. The nail art essentials kit has been praised for it's versatility, ease of use and ability to make nail art easier.

The next steps are already in place to further develop more essential nail items, and all announcements will be made on the Nailed It NZ Facebook page. As with the brushes, quality, accessibility and practicality will always be a leading goal with future products.

If you'd like to know more about Nailed It NZ, feel free to email Jessie directly at jessie@naileditnz.com.



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