Professional Nail File - 100/180 Grit

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This 100/180 grit diamond-shaped nail file is designed for use on nail enhancements, such as acrylics and gel polish. Recommended for professional and personal use, it has a reinforced centre to make it longer-lasting and sturdier. All Nailed It NZ files are fully washable and disinfectable, and each order comes with brief instructions on how to clean and store your nail files hygienically.

For professional nail technicians, this file is recommended for use with liquid and powder, hard gel acrylic nails, and gel polish. With acrylics, it can be used for nail preparation, shaping and filing. For gel polish, use for shaping the nail (with the 180 side) and breaking the seal. Gifting or selling to clients is a great way to encourage at-home care between appointments, and educate on the importance of it.

For personal use, the 100 grit side should only be used on artificial nails, but the 180 grit side can be used on the natural nail. If you do not wear nail enhancements (acrylics) regularly, we recommend the Natural Nail File as an alternative.



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